Why Do Some Cars Need a Flatbed in Buhl, ID? 4WD, Classic Vehicle, Low Profile Car Towing & More

You are stuck on the side of the road with your car that is broken down. You now need a tow, but what kind of tow is best for your car? There are many ways to tow a car. Did you know certain types of vehicles are better when you use a flatbed towing truck? Highway 30 Garage wants to help you understand what vehicles are best suited to be towed using a flatbed towing truck.

Classic Car Towing

What is your favorite car? Did you finally get the car you have been waiting for? Is this favorite car of yours a vintage, classic, or even a luxurious car? You would be devastated if anything bad happened to it. But things happen and you might find yourself on the side of the road with that car. The best way to tow a vintage, classic, or luxury car is towing it on a flatbed. Using the flatbed is safer for antique cars if the car is stuck on the side of the road when traveling. It also has the added benefit of not adding unnecessary mileage to the classic car.

How Do You Tow a Low Profile Car?

A flatbed towing truck is great for towing low cars and other vehicles. If you are towing one of these cars with a dolly it can damage the suspension on the car. Whereas when on a flatbed tow truck it has all the wheels supported on the bed of the tow truck. Doing this can help the car not have any further damage to it by it being pulled.

Can 4WD Be Flat Towed?

When you are towing a 4 wheel drive vehicle, the towing dollies only lift the 2 front tires. Leaving the rear wheels to drag on the road can cause damage to your transmission. You would hate to damage your car more just because you needed a tow. Getting a flatbed will ensure that no further damage will happen to your car while being towed

Towing Heavy Vehicles

The best thing about using a flatbed tow truck is that you can avoid damage to your car. Even to a heavy vehicle, it can cause damage to your bumper or other places on your car when it is being towed behind. Lifting your car on a flatbed can help it get to its destination safely without damage.

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Using a flatbed tow truck can have so many benefits for many vehicles. It is probably one of the safest ways to tow your car. If you find yourself on the side of the road and need assistance, consider getting a flatbed tow truck. It is always a safe option. The vehicles that we just talked about are ideal vehicles to be towed with a flatbed tow truck. If you need a tow or have any questions, Highway 30 Garage wants to help you in any way they can when it comes to towing your car.

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