What are Signs I Need New Tires in Hailey, ID? Tire Penny Test, Sidewall Cracks, Vibration while Driving & More

Safety, performance, and getting where you need to go are associated with many elements of the vehicle and tires being among the top elements. Road conditions, quality of the tire, weather, and other factors lead to the normal wear of a tire along with whether you use your vehicle daily, or just a few times a week driving. People need to be more vigilant since you put your trust in your tires. During use, the tires fade and grow old because they are made manufactured with synthetic rubber, natural rubber, wires, fabric, and other chemical compounds that an all break down over time and use. The wear will eventually reach hazardous levels for you and everyone on the road with time. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that tire-related accidents include more than 19,000 people injured and about 500 fatalities annually. We at Highway 30 Garage would like to share a few warning signs that the tires are in need of replacing in an effort to help you stay safe.

What are Some Warning Signs that Indicate Tire Problems?

1) Penny Test: Along the tire, between any of the treads place a penny in different areas. You need new tires if Lincoln’s head remains in view, the tread is dangerously low. As long as at least half of the head is covered, your tread is relatively healthy.
2) Noticeable Vibration While Driving: Even on the worst of roads, your vehicle should not be vibrating for long periods of time. Many issues can cause the tires to vibrate. Especially on smooth roads in the event you experience heavy vibrations while driving, and since the age of the tire can be a likely culprit, have your tires checked immediately to avoid serious damage or harm.
3) Bulged, Bald, or Blistered Tire: Should your tires develop any bulges on the side lining or tread, the tire is showing its age. The blisters that pop up and hard extrusions from the surface can cause ripped tires, blowouts, and flats if not inspected and changed out. If the tire or tires are balding, you are way past time for new tires. The bald tires offer zero surface traction and can cause your vehicle to slide and spin out even the lightest of wet conditions.
4) Cracks in the Sidewalls: The cracks and cuts on the tire’s sidewall and that will lead to leaks soon after are an indication of an aging tire. Since these unfixable abrasions only get deeper and larger, you will eventually find yourself ready for work with a flat tire in your driveway or garage.
5) Any Visible Fabric or Metal: The tires are lined with fabric and metal and run like veins beneath the rubber of your tire. Being that they are in internal structural support that offers function and durability, these weavings are never to be brought to the surface. In the event your tires are showing prickly pieces of wire or metal, or you begin to see mesh fabric showing through from the rubber, you really need new tires.

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