Signs Brakes are Worn Out or Bad in Twin Falls, ID; My Car Shakes when I Brake, Soft or Mushy Pedal & More

Your best friend when it comes to safety in the vehicle is the brake system. It is critical to identify the signs of failing brakes so that you can have them repaired immediately, particularly to keep you, your passengers and others safe. Effective braking can be the only aspect between a serious accident and driving away without a scratch. The signs of failing brakes is what we at Highway 30 Garage would like to share today.

Squeaking Brakes

As the brake pads reduce to dangerous levels, the brakes will squeal or screech when the brake is used. Since this involves a small mechanism that creates the shrill noise, it happens when the brakes are applied. Squeaking brakes is the first sign of brake failure. Be sure to get your car to a local car repair shop right away to get the problem fixed to avoid larger and costlier problems.

Why Does My Car Shake when I Break?

If you start to feel shaking, when you apply the brakes there is a decent chance you have warped rotors, vibrating or other odd motions abnormal for the car presents a challenge the part of the wheel where the brake pads grab to slow your vehicle. Should the rotors become warped, the effectiveness of the brake system is greatly reduced.

Why Does it Sound Like Something is Grinding when I Brake?

When you apply the brakes and howling or grinding noise occurs because you have no, or very little, brake pads left causing metal to grind on metal. You will likely need to replace your rotors or drums along with the pads in order to restore the braking power of the system to its factory condition.

Soft or Mushy Brake Pedal

When your brakes are new, you immediately feel a response when you apply pressure to the brake. However, if a brake pedal has lots of “give,” meaning when you push on it takes more distance to push it, it is probable that your car’s brake pads are worn down. It could also indicate a more serious problem with the brake system like air in the brake lines or low brake fluid.

Brake Pulls Vehicle to One Side when Breaking

If you hit the brakes and your car swerves to one side of the road or the other it, it likely means there is something wrong with the brake system. The usual culprits are a collapsed brake hose, impurities in the brake fluid, or uneven wear on the brake pads. It is important to get the car to a mechanic right away to diagnose the cause and have it repaired.

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