How Can Accidents Be Prevented on Icy Roads in Bellevue, ID? Lower Gears, Driving with Caution & More

It was winter outside, it is cold, the snow is falling and it looks so beautiful and white. But wait, you have to go somewhere while it is snowing. Now you have to go outside and drive. Driving in the snow is not a fun task to do, especially if it is sticking to the roads. So, how can you make sure you make it to your destination safely? Highway 30 Garage has some great advice to give to you, so when you are on the road driving in the snow you are as safe as you can be.

Avoid Driving in the Snow

If you can avoid driving in the snow then do it. The roads can be wet and icy and can be very dangerous. Staying home or where you are is the safest way to go. But, we do know sometimes you can’t just say home. Your life is busy and you have to go to work. When you can’t avoid it, make sure you give yourself extra time when driving. Driving to your destination in the snow will take more time than it usually does. So plan accordingly.

Drive in the Snow with Caution

When you are driving in the snow, make sure you slow down. The road can be slick and icy or even have black ice on it. If you hit an icy spot it could cause your car to slide or spin out. When driving, avoid sudden moves and leave extra space between you and the other vehicles. A good idea is to leave a 3 car length distance between you and the other car. That way it gives you extra time to stop on a slick road.

Lower Your Gears

If you are driving in a snowstorm there could be icy roads. You will want to avoid using cruise control during this time. You want to be able to have as much control of your car as you can when driving on questionable roads. Another thing that you could do is lower your gears. This will help you with lowering your speed and not having to use your brakes as often.

Why Should You Not Pass a Snow Plow?

Never pass a snowplow while they’re clearing snow, this can be extremely dangerous. If you are trying to pass the snowplow you can get hit by what they are pushing off the road. The best thing to do is stay behind them until they exit the road you are on. Plus, if you are staying behind the snowplow you will have a clearer path driving than what is ahead of the snowplow. Just make sure you give the snowplow plenty of room.

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When it is snowing outside please make sure you are driving smart and following these tips. You don’t want to end up in an accident or on the side of the road broken down in a cold winter snowstorm. But if that does happen, Highway 30 Garage can be there to help get your car safely home.

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