How Do You Handle Brake Failure While Driving in Gooding, ID? Reduce Gear Shifts & More

Brake failure, a critical safety concern, can arise unexpectedly during driving due to overlooked mechanical issues in the vehicle. At Highway 30 Garage, we prioritize your safety and offer essential advice to navigate through such emergencies and ensure your well-being amidst the challenges of brake failure on the road.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Turned On

Avoid shutting off your vehicle, as this action can exacerbate skidding, compromise steering control, or result in complete steering lock. Despite the temptation to slow down, turning off the engine diminishes your ability to manage the car. Maintain the engine running until you’ve come to a complete stop; this ensures optimal control. Additionally, keeping the car on facilitates a safer transition to the roadside, streamlining the process of safely pulling over.

Remain Composed

Maintaining composure is crucial for your safety and that of others. Avoid panic and strive to stay level-headed, enabling you to make sound decisions in challenging situations. To safely navigate off the highway or road, take deep breaths and remain aware of your surroundings. Focus on regaining control of your vehicle to the best of your ability, ensuring a safe outcome amidst the pressure.
Turn on the Emergency Flashers. Illuminate your hazard lights, particularly during nighttime breakdowns, to alert fellow drivers of your situation. Additionally, sound your horn to caution individuals nearby and prompt them to steer clear of your location if pedestrians are present.

Reduce the Gear Shifts

Avoid downshifting directly to first gear, which may induce skidding. Instead, downshift gradually, moving one gear at a time. For automatic vehicles, releasing the accelerator aids in smooth shifting. When feasible, engage the emergency brakes to halt the car safely, allowing for a secure distance to be maintained.

Try Applying the Brakes Once More

Attempt to utilize one side of your dual brakes to decelerate by applying consistent and firm pressure on the brake pedal. In some instances, only one side of the brakes may malfunction. Exercise caution to avoid excessive force, maintaining a steady and controlled application.

Engage the Emergency Brake with Caution

Exercise caution when activating the emergency brake, as it operates independently of the familiar hydraulic braking system. Engaging it carefully allows for better control of the vehicle, albeit with a slower deceleration rate compared to the standard brakes. Be mindful that the emergency brake will gradually reduce your vehicle’s speed, requiring additional time for effective slowing down.

Seek Roadside Assistance

Contact your reliable towing service, such as the expert roadside assistance team at Highway 30 Garage, for prompt support once your car is safely parked or off the road. This ensures swift assistance, providing a convenient solution for your needs.

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