Flatbed Rollback Towing

Highway 30 Garage of Twin Falls, Idaho provides the motorists locally and in surrounding areas with towing and roadside services as well as automobile diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community, especially when you are in a bind, with affordable costs. Our drivers, mechanics, and support staff are all fully trained, experienced, and skilled; having the credentials and attributes that make them more than qualified to perform the services we offer. In addition to having the elite Highway 30 Garage staff, we exclusively utilize high-end products and equipment and invest in quality parts for new or older vehicle models to ensure optimal end results.

Flatbed Rollback Tow Trucks

Highway 30 Garage includes flatbed towing for the vehicle owners of the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area. But what is flatbed towing? It refers to a flat bed tow truck where the complete back of the truck is outfitted with a flat bed that can be hydraulically inclined to ground level. This allow the vehicle to be placed on it using the vehicles own power or pulled by a winch.

When to Utilize Flatbed Towing Methods

Flatbed towing is very versatile; disabled vehicles that are immobile, or automobiles fully operation that need transportation without adding the extra miles, can all benefit from the safe and reliable towing service provided by a flatbed tow truck. Being that the towed vehicle is seeded on a platform and securely strapped down; the automobile doesn’t face the obstacles of pedestrians, road debris, potholes, or other such hazards and thereby avoids any damaged caused by traditional methods. Flat bed towing is used typically for the towing of 4 wheel drives and heavy machinery.

Flatbed Rollback Towing in Twin Falls, Idaho

If your vehicle in Twin Falls, Idaho is in need of flatbed tow, contact Highway 30 Garage today and let our experienced specialists get your automobile to the intended destination.

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