What is the Best Method of Towing in Burley, ID? Winch Out, Flatbed Trailer or Wheel Lift Tow Truck?

Navigating the roads involves navigating through various factors, encompassing the vehicle itself, weather conditions, and the state of the roads. Whether you’re traversing within the confines of Twin Falls, ID, or embarking on a summer road adventure’s tail end, numerous variables can leave you stranded, including inclement weather, day or night travel, traffic congestion, road conditions, and the condition of your vehicle and its capability to navigate the terrain. Requiring a tow might stem from a non-operational vehicle due to mechanical or electrical breakdowns, an accident, driver error, or simply the need for transportation. In any scenario, having a grasp of your towing alternatives can facilitate obtaining the necessary assistance. At this juncture, we, at Highway 30 Towing, aim to delineate the fundamental differences among prevalent towing choices.

Is it Better to Tow with a Dolly or Trailer?

It’s advisable to discern the most suitable towing option for your requirements prior to contacting a towing specialist, though they are adept at guiding you if you remain uncertain. By promptly requesting the requisite services, you can hasten the process and resume your journey promptly. Depending on the prevailing circumstances, there are several methods to tow your vehicle, and below, we present the basics of flatbed trailers, conventional towing, and winch-out towing options.


Winching, also known as winch-out towing, serves as a crucial method in specific circumstances, often complementing other towing techniques. Primarily employed to extract vehicles from challenging environments like ditches, sand, mud, snow, or water, it proves especially valuable in Idaho’s diverse and unpredictable weather and terrain. Winch-out towing services stand poised to swiftly and effectively rescue your vehicle from precarious situations, ensuring its safe retrieval.

Wheel-Lift Towing

Typically, conventional towing, also known as wheel-lift towing, suffices for most scenarios. This method entails elevating the front wheels of the vehicle, facilitating smooth transportation. Given its longstanding presence and widespread use, it’s a familiar process for many. To ensure the proficient execution of wheel-lift towing services, Highway 30 Towing specialists adhere to a superior standard, guaranteeing optimal vehicle transportation for our esteemed clientele.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is the preferred choice for most situations, especially if your vehicle isn’t suitable for conventional towing methods. Instead of a hook, this method employs a flat, hydraulically operated surface that inclines and declines, making it ideal for four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles. For such vehicles, flatbed towing is the safest option, minimizing the risk of potential damage compared to other methods. Moreover, flatbed trailers are well-suited for transporting motorcycles, high-end, or specialty vehicles over long distances, preserving their value by avoiding additional mileage or potential driver errors. When entrusting your vehicle to Highway 30 Towing experts, you can rest assured of receiving the highest level of care and expertise.

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In Twin Falls, Idaho and its environs, Highway 30 Towing’s certified professionals are delighted to assist, guaranteeing the safe and efficient towing of you and your vehicle. Regardless of the optimal towing solution for your specific situation, rest assured that we will accommodate your needs with our top-notch towing services. Call us whenever you need a tow!

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