Wheel Lift Towing

The automobile owners of the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area have a reliable source with Highway 30 Garage when it comes to towing, roadside assistance, maintenance, diagnostics, and repair services. Being available 24/7 for those emergency circumstances as well as being fully licensed and insured, Highway 30 Garage provides quality services at affordable prices. Highway 30 Garage exclusively uses premium quality products, equipment and is well stocked for vehicles that need part replacements. Highway 30 Garage crew has advanced training, experience in the industry, and extraordinary skills.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Highway 30 Garage includes wheel lift towing options for the motorists in Twin Falls, Idaho and surrounding areas. The wheel lift towing method is achieved by utilizing the metal yokes to lift and support the weight of the vehicle by its tires, as opposed to the traditional hook and chain towing methods that can potentially cause additional damage with chains wrapping around the axles of the disabled vehicle, making it the more advanced method of towing in comparison. Navigating through tight spots such as if you are parallel parked or in a parking garage, is easily accomplished with the maneuvering capabilities of the wheel-lift towing method. Short distance towing is ideal with the use of wheel-lift towing with rapid and efficient hook up to your vehicle. Wheel lift towing is ideal for 2 wheel drive vehicles. This towing method delivers maximum results with minimum effort and tools without inflicting damage to vehicles while being towed, making it one of the easiest and reliable methods of towing available.

Wheel Lift Towing Services in Twin Falls, Idaho

If you want to benefit from wheel lift or flatbed towing in the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area, contact Highway 30 Garage. Especially if you are unsure which method is best for your vehicle and circumstance. We can dispatch the appropriate tow truck and other equipment for the job, whether it’s flatbed or wheel lift towing.

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