Emergency Roadside Assistance

Highway 30 Garage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist the motorists of Twin Falls, Idaho and surrounding areas with a number of towing and roadside assistance services. Being fully licensed and insured to provide towing and roadside services as well as full diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance services, many of our valued customers have come to rely on our quality expertise and affordable prices for their automotive needs. Utilizing high-end products, equipment and quality used or new parts; Highway 30 Garage ensures our valuable customers receive nothing less than premium results. Highway 30 Garage staff excels in their position; being specialists in their chosen field, they possess the credentials and attributes that more than qualify them to perform the services we provide.

Road Side Help for Stranded Motorists

Highway 30 Garage proudly offers roadside assistance services to the Twin Falls community when you have found yourself in an inoperable vehicle. With our dependability, we quickly come to your side when you are experiencing a broken down automobile. Considering our 24 our availability, Highway 30 Garage can assist you day or night any day of the week. We recommend programming our contact information in your cell phone to reach us quickly and conveniently when you need Highway 30 Garage.

Auto Lockouts, Battery Jumpstarts, Tire Changes, Fuel Delivery & More

Common roadside assistance service provided by Highway 30 Garage of Twin Falls, Idaho include fuel or fluid delivery, tire changes or temporary repair, battery jump starts, and auto lock-out services.
Automobile Lockouts: It is never a convenient time to get locked out of your vehicle, whether it has happened just outside your home, at your job, at shopping, or other destinations. When you want into your vehicle, you don’t want to have to wait for long, especially in the event of an emergency when a small child or a pet is accidentally left inside. No matter the time or day, Highway 30 Garage can gain access to your automobile.
Battery Jumpstarts: Extreme heat or cold temperatures, age, or simply leaving the lights on can be drain the battery, preventing you from igniting the engine and getting to where you need to go. Where sometimes you can find a Good Samaritan to give you a jump, many people these days do not carry the necessary equipment to do so. Instead of hoping someone will sacrifice their time and has the equipment to give your battery jump-start, contact the reliable experts of Highway 30 Garage.
Fuel/Fluid Delivery: Squeezing in that extra mile, or not realizing you are pass due for engine maintenance can leave you stranded with depleted fuel or other important fluids needed to operate a vehicle. Highway 30 Garage can deliver enough gas to get you to the closest station or fill your fluids with premium products.
Tire Changes for Flat Tires: Tires can pop, leak slowly or rapidly, or be inflicted with other issues that can prevent your vehicle from moving. More often than not, your spare tire is needed to replace the damaged tire. If you lack the equipment, physical capability, or never been taught, Highway 30 Garage can get your tire changed accordingly. If the tire needs a temporary fix to get your vehicle moved a minimum distance Highway 30 Garage has you covered.

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Twin Falls, Idaho

No matter which roadside assistance service you require or vehicle needs more attention and needs a tow, Highway 30 Garage is available to get to your location in the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area and give your automobile the attention it requires.

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