When Driving in the Fall what are Things We Must Be Cautious Of in Ketchum, ID to Avoid a Breakdown or Car Accident?

With the fall season, you don’t often think of how it can affect your driving. Hopefully, it doesn’t affect it too much. But Highway 30 Garage wants to give you some fall driving tips so that you remember that with the fall season you still need to be careful driving on the road. With the fall comes different weather conditions, different lights, and other factors you may not even consider. Highway 30 Garage offers some helpful fall driving tips below.

Kids are Out of School & Could Run Out on Road

With the fall season comes back to school. With kids back in school, more kids will be crossing streets and walking on the sidewalks. Kids don’t always pay attention to what is around them. You as a driver need to be aware when you are approaching a school zone and aware of your surroundings, especially when it is around the time the kids go to school and come home from school.

Less Daylight in Fall Means Less Visibility Driving

Daylight savings in the fall means we set our clocks back an hour. When we do this it limits the daylight during the fall and winter seasons. Because we have less daylight means we are driving in the dark more often. Driving in the dark can be a little scarier and harder to see. Make sure you are paying attention and you know where you are going while driving at night.

Active Animals Can Run Out in Front of Car

In the fall you have a higher likelihood of hitting an animal that has run out onto the road in front of your car. Animals are still active even when it is dark. With it being dark earlier there is a better chance an animal will run out in front of you or they are already on the road. If you do not see them you will hit them with your car. You need to make sure you are paying attention when you are driving in a location that has a higher chance of an animal running out.

You Should Not Park on Large Piles of Leaves

A pile of leaves can be so fun when you are a child. Raking them up and jumping in the pile. But now that you are older and driving you may notice that there are piles of leaves that have gathered along the road and in the gutters and curbs. When the leaves are along the gutter they stick out on the road where many cars need to park. These cars will now park further into the road than right on the curb like they do in the summer months. When you’re driving you need to notice that the road has become narrower because the cars are further away from the curb parking.

Know How to Handle Rain when Driving

Even though the fall has not brought the snow yet, most of the time, or it’s not raining as often. You still need to pay attention and be careful when the roads are wet and slippery. You also need to make sure you be careful when it is foggy while driving. Fog can make it hard to see clearly.

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Being careful, alert, and paying attention to your surroundings can help make sure that you are safe driving in the fall. If you ever need roadside help then give Highway 30 Garage a call.

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