Can Cold Fall Weather Cause Auto Problems in Hailey, ID? How to Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown & Car Accident

When you are driving your car in the fall you may not think there are many issues you have to deal with. You can just drive around and look at the beautiful scenery and how the leaves have changed. During the fall season, there are a few issues that can occur while driving that you may not have thought of. Highway 30 Garage wants to go over some of these issues so that you are aware and can do something about it.

We Lose Daylight in Fall?

Fall months bring daylight savings, you have set your clocks back. Which means you have less daylight to be driving in. Driving at night can sometimes be more difficult to see, but you still need to get places because it is not late enough to be home from work. You need to make sure you are careful and paying attention when driving at night. In the fall the sun also starts changing positions and it is sometimes harder to see while driving because of where the sun is located when it rises or sets. Make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses and try to avoid driving on roads that you can’t see as well.

Is Rain a Fall Season Problem

With the hot summer months, the heat can cause damage to the seals and gaskets. If these are not sealed properly and it rains it could affect the upholstery, the carpeting, and even the electrical work in your car. The water could also cause rust, which could damage the motherboard in your car. This type of damage is not cheap to fix. This is because by the time it gets to the electrical problems a lot of damage has already occurred. Make sure you inspect the seals on your doors and windows and any cracks or places that have been worn down. You will want to get anything fixed that needs to be fixed. It will be a lot cheaper if you get it fixed now before the rain ruins your car.

Falling Leaves

With the fall comes a lot of falling leaves. Which can be so fun and so beautiful. But those leaves can get wet from the rain or even just get morning dew on them. If it is a cold night, it could also freeze and cause a little ice. Make sure you are careful driving in the morning or at night around a lot of leaves. In the morning and night is when most of the wetness on all the leaves will occur.

Bad Windshield Wipers?

It rains quite often in the fall, you need your windshield wipers to work well. If you have damaged windshield wipers, they can limit your visibility while driving. It would be very smart to change out your windshield wipers after summer so that you make sure that you have good windshield wipers in the fall. Especially if you are driving often when it is dark.

Car Battery Maintenance

You should also make sure your battery has proper connection and free from corrosion. Check the cables and make sure they are in a good position and snug where they are supposed to be. If anything is dirty then disconnect the battery and get a wire brush and clean it. This will help ensure your battery is good during the fall months.

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