Surviving a Rollover Car Crash Accident in Twin Falls, ID; Statistics, Need for Emergency Towing, Winch Out, Roadside Assistance & More

A vehicle rollover is one of the worst things that can happen to you when driving on the road. While any vehicle can roll over in the right circumstances, physics dictate that taller, narrower vehicles such as vans, SUVs and pickup trucks are more susceptible than traditional, lower profile cars. This is because tall vehicles have a higher center of gravity. If your vehicles center of gravity shifts to one side when you round a sharp curve, it may develop sideways forces that can dramatically effect your vehicle’s balance. The lateral forces often increase with speed and any rapid changes in direction. In short, this can lead to the loss of control of your vehicle and possibly a rollover.

Rollover Accident Statistics

Despite what many people believe, most vehicle rollovers happen in a single vehicle crash. This means that most auto rollovers are caused by external driving conditions or driver errors. Fortunately, most car rollovers are largely preventable as long as you are focused on the roadway and attentive to driving conditions. Some of the driving conditions that can cause a car to lose traction with the road and result in a rollover include:
– Icy & Snowy Roads
– Uneven Ground
– Sharp Curves
– Soft Road Shoulder
– Guardrails
– Vehicle Malfunction

Car Rollovers Due to Vehicle Malfunctions

Vehicle malfunctions can also result in automotive rollovers. In the event that a defective car part caused or contributed to your crash, you may have cause to sue the auto manufacture that made the part. In this case, it is vital you contact an attorney to file a claim for damages as soon as you can. But you still have to deal with having to get your rolled over car to a shop or your home etc. And for that, you are going to need the assistance of a tow truck!

24 Hour Emergency Towing

If you have experienced the unfortunate event of being involved in a rollover car accident, you will need to contact a licensed towing company to retrieve your disabled vehicle from the roadway and tow it to a shop or other desired location. Before calling a tow company you will want to be sure they can handle rollovers and winchouts.

Flatbed Towing, Wheel Lift Tows, Roadside Assistance & More in Twin Falls, Idaho

Highway 30 Garage offers flatbed and wheel lift towing. While wheel lift towing is ideal for 2 wheel drive vehicles and getting out of tight spots, we typically utilize flatbed towing for vehicle rollovers. Highway 30 Garage understands that road accidents, car breakdowns and other driving mishaps can happen to anyone. When an unfortunate accident or other mishap such as a flat tire, dead battery, auto lockout etc happens to you on the road, it can be quite challenging to get help. Having a reliable tow service to call can make a huge difference if you are ever involved in a rollover accident on the road. Call Highway 30 Garage for fast emergency roadside and accident response!

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