How to Get a Car or Truck Unstuck from Mud, Snow or Sand in Twin Falls, ID

Getting your vehicle stuck can happen to anyone. Even those most careful as they drive, can find themselves stuck with no way to get their vehicle free. The best way to avoid this scenario is to have the equipment needed to get your vehicle out of the mud, snow or sand in the case that your vehicle gets stuck there. Highway 30 Garage is here to share some of the equipment you should have in your vehicle just in case you get stuck.

Shovel to Dig Around Stuck Tires

This is one of the most important tools you should have in your vehicle on the off chance you might get stuck. You will a shovel incredibly useful in certain situations. If you happen to find yourself with all four tires stuck, your back will be thanking you for bringing that shovel along for the ride.

Wood, Old Carpet or Cardboard to Give Wheels Traction

After you have dug around each of your tires when you find yourself stuck, you will need something to stick behind your wheel so it has something to climb out on. If you don’t have wood, old carpet, cardboard or sticks behind the wheel to give the wheel traction, it will sit and spin rather than climb out of the hole.

Tow Strap to Winch Vehicle Out

Tow straps come in handy where you are with more than one vehicle. It can be hooked to the winch of another vehicle and that second vehicle can quite literally pull you right out. You need a tow strap that is rated for at least 17,500 pounds to avoid it snapping and creating a dangerous situation.

Hi-Lift Jack

Any vehicle that goes off road should have a hi-lift jack handy. This type of jack is ideal for vehicles that have an after-market lift on them. A hi-lift jack can lift the tire so you can set something under the tire to give it the traction it needs to get out.

Winch to Pull Vehicle Out

If you plan to go off-road and drive places you will likely get your vehicle stuck, you may want to consider getting a winch and the rest of the proper recovery gear needed to get yourself out of a sticky situation. When getting the right winch for your vehicle, you need one that is rated at 30% more than the weight of your vehicle.

Snow Chains to Give Traction

If you will be driving in areas that receive a lot of snow, you will most likely need to purchase snow chains. Snow chains should always be installed on your tires prior to needing them. There are several mountain passes that require snow tires during certain times of the year. Twin Falls usually starts seeing snow around late October so be ready!

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If you find yourself stuck and have no way to get out, Highway 30 Garage offer winch out services when you are in a pinch. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency winch out services. Call us today for more information about our towing and winch out services.

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