How Can I Improve My Motorcycle Safety in Hansen, ID? Tips to Avoid an Accident at Night & More

In standard vehicles, breaking down can be a problem on any commute, however, if motorcyclists experience problems, it can be a real nightmare. Since the motorcycle offers significantly less protection than most other vehicles, breaking down while taking the bike for a ride can be more than daunting. Should you be unprepared for the unexpected while on your motorcycle, the experience can be even more troubling. The lack of visibility, the less observant drivers, and reduced protection is a bad recipe for the motorcycle riders waiting for roadside assistance. We at Highway 30 Garage would like to share a few tips for the motorcyclists waiting for roadside assistance, in an effort to make sure everyone is safe on the Twin Falls, ID roads, including our motorcyclists.

Prepare for Your Road Trip

No matter if you intend to go for a short ride or are a planning an extensive quest, you need to be prepared for plausible scenarios. Motorcycles do not have the structure of other vehicles, as we mentioned, leaving them more vulnerable. Be certain you have a few essentials with you to protect to protect yourself from weather, increase your safety, and visibility. If you are stranded on the roadside, a few road flares to increase your visibility as well as a visibility vest is a good idea. Along with your cellphone and charger to call for help and for emergency use, contact information for Highway 30 Towing as well.

Motorcycle Broke Down?

Immediately reduce your speed and if traffic permits get out the flow of traffic in the event you realize your motorcycle is not operating as sufficiently as it should. If at all possible, make your intentions known and get to the right shoulder by using your blinkers, arm signals and hazard lights to increase your visibility. Care and cautiousness are required on fast-paced highways and freeways and high traffic roads.

Your Safety is First & Your Motorcycle Second

It is imperative you get to a safe distance since distracted drivers and speeding vehicles are a major hazard to vulnerable motorcyclists. In comparison to other vehicles, motorcycle on the side of the road is narrower and smaller, is not always vigilantly noticed by other commuters unfortunately. To increase your safety, it is crucial to get yourself and your motorcycle as far from the road as possible. If you can get to a safe place without the bike, do it and remember a bike can be replaced, your life cannot.

It Can Be Dangerous to Ride a Motorcycle at Night?

The risk incredibly increases during the cover darkness though your motorcycle experiencing mechanical failure during the day is a problem enough. Getting off the road and waiting on the side road is more hazardous where the oncoming traffic is less likely to see you due to the low visibility. With the use of headlights, hazard lights, and blinkers, increase the visibility. A reflector vest can increase yourself for being noticed as well. Use extreme caution, and always assume no one sees you.

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