Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

Imagine this: You pull into the gas station. With the sound of a ding appears the attendant, who is often the business owner, and with a smile asks, “Fill her up?” While the gas is pumping, your windshield is being washed, tire pressures are checked, up goes the hood of your car and all the fluids and belts are given a quick inspection. Before you drive off, the attendant says with a smile, “Everything looks good and have a great day!” PINCH ME, I have got to be dreaming … nope … in the 50’s this was true customer service. Highway 30 Garage is a 3rd generation, family run business who have been providing quality service for 35 years to the Twin Falls region and Magic Valley area. They started with and still have this same view of true, good old fashioned customer service today.

With summer finally here; vacations, family reunions, visits to the grandparents, class reunions, and lots of trips to entertain the children are just a part of the season. What is better than family time? Nothing, as long as the road blocks that we all enjoy, are easily resolved before the drive begins. Driving along the freeway we have all seen that poor unfortunate motorist broken down on the side of the road, hot and seemingly unprepared, silently being grateful that it is not us! In today’s day and age with cell phones, help is only a phone call away, but many of the breakdowns can be avoided with some simple maintenance. The summer heat adds some  additional challenges and stresses on our vehicles.

The most common roadside breakdowns are avoidable with professional maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition to this regular scheduled maintenance it is a good idea to do a check at the onset of the hot summer temperatures. So what are the most common problems that can leave a driver stranded:

* Battery; have your cables, terminals and clamp connections checked for corrosion and loose connections.

* Keys, lost or locked in the vehicle. We all hate it when that happens. This can actually be a problem at times with all the new technology

* Flat-tire; be sure to have pressures checked frequently and especially when the weather changes to hot or cold. Pressure recommendations may differ. Hitting a curb while parking can cause a slow leak.

*   Fuel; Out of Gas! If your cars gas meter is not accurate or is broken, have it repaired. Make sure you put the proper gas in your vehicle! Putting petrol in a diesel engine happens more often than you think and it is wise to use an authorized technician to drain and dispose of the wrong fuel if it does.

*   Alternator; if you have been experiencing your headlights dimming when idling at a stop light, have it checked!

These are a few of the problems that can be avoided with regular maintenance of your vehicle by a reputable professional. With the complicated computer systems that keep vehicles running, it often takes specialized equipment to diagnose a problem that may be a simple inexpensive fix! Highway 30 Garage is ready to help make sure that your outings are not plagued with roadside vacations!

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