What to do in an Emergency Road Side Situation

When you sit behind the wheel of your car, you are thinking about things like your rush hour commute, the errands you need to run and finding the easiest route to that new restaurant. You are not thinking about roadside emergencies and worst case scenarios.

Your vehicle can break down for many different reasons. Whether it is your engine shutting down completely or you have a flat tire, a breakdown can be any number of things. In places like Twin Falls, where the weather is quite random and can contribute to vehicle breakdowns, many people are clueless as to what to do when it happens to them. It is in times like these that knowing a good towing and roadside assistance company like Highway 30 Garage can solve the problem. We will arrive promptly at the scene of the car break down and work hard to get your car back on the road again. If we cannot get it running on site, we can tow your vehicle into a shop where you can have it repaired. We have well maintained tow trucks driven by knowledgeable and experienced road side technicians. We specialize in all kinds of routine and emergency towing and roadside services. But what do you do while you are waiting for us to arrive?

Whether you’re the victim of a breakdown from user error (you lock your keys in the car and need an auto lockout or run out of gas and need a fuel delivery), Mother Nature, car accident or some other reason, all kinds of emergencies can pop up on the road. As long as you have got an emergency kit with these eight essentials in it, you will be able to take good care of yourself until Highway 30 Garage arrives on the scene:
1. A first aid kit – Even a tiny cut can get infected in a matter of seconds if it is left exposed to the open air. If you want to avoid a minor injury turning into a major problem, be sure to have plenty of antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, band-aids, gauze pads and adhesive tape. As a bonus, antiseptic wipes can also be used to wipe something filthy under your hood or on the side of the road that you need to touch.
2. Reflective warning triangles – While your flashers are a good way to let other drivers know your car is stopped on the side of the road, reflective warning triangles take the alertness factor a step further. By setting them up 50 or 100 feet away from your car, any approaching drivers will have plenty of time to see you pulled over on the side of the road.
3. Kitty litter – This can be used to spread on the ground beneath your tires. It will give you the traction you need but weighs a lot less than sand.
4. A Swiss army knife – This multipurpose tool can really come in handy but it only takes up a small amount of space.
5. Duct tape – Duct tape can tackle a wide variety of problems. One roll does not take up much room, especially when you’re talking about something that comes with endless possibilities!
6. A thick blanket – If your car is not running the odds are that your heater isn’t running either. On a cold day, it will not take long for the inside of your car to become frigid and even deadly. Something as simple as taking off a glove to pop open your hood subjects enough of your skin to the elements to dramatically drop your body temperature!
7. Water and non-perishable snacks – Food and drink items like bottled water, protein bars, trail mix, nuts, dry cereal, peanut butter, and dried fruit can literally be lifesavers and help stave off even the most minor of hunger pains or boredom!
8. Pepper spray – You never know who or what you are going to come into contact with when you are stranded somewhere and it is a good idea to be prepared.

If you are a motorist in the Magic Valley area, the best thing you can do to be prepared is keep our phone number (208) 734-7094 handy in case of an emergency road side situation.

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