What is the Most Common Cause of Summer Car Breakdowns in Heyburn, ID? Dead Battery, Overheating Engine & More

With summer in full swing, you can expect longer days, warmer weather and even more road trips. Combine the heated temperatures and more miles on your vehicle, it makes a recipe for auto troubles. The very same temperatures that can make your road trip so much fun can also cause your car to break down. To help you better prepare and to avoid them or handle them if they should occur, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to address the common summer break downs.

Dead Car Battery

The summer months are actually the worst time of year for your car battery. The frequent heat and even humidity levels have a major toll on your battery’s life and effectiveness. As the warmer conditions accelerate corrosion, the battery’s ability to produce power is reduced. Replace your car battery every three to five years to prevent this issue. Talk with our mechanic to ensue your vehicle has a quality battery.

Overheating Car Engine

The temperature reaches an all-time high, and it impacts more than just the people during the summer months. Your car’s engine can get extremely hot, even when it is sitting inside. Though vehicles come with a coolant system, which helps cool down the engine, hot weather means the coolant would have to work harder than normal. Occasionally topping up the coolant of the car is a common mistake that car owners commit with not enough of a leak. It is highly recommended is by checking the car coolant level regularly. It is important to take the precautions to avoid being stranded because an overheated engine is a very common summer car problem.

Leaking Car Fluid and/or Fuel

With summer heat, unwanted fuel leaks are common. The heat causes the liquid fuel in your tank to vaporize the evaporation happens when the weather is hot. Due to the trapped vapor is the pressure in the fuel tank to rise. Vehicles are designed to allow this excess pressure to escape through a system of hoses where it is held until your car engine needs to use it. If there is a cracked hose in the system, the vaporized fuel leaks resulting in low gas mileage. If this happens, take your car to your local repair shop. The mechanic can assess the issue and have you back on the road in no time, usually.

Faulty Auto Air Conditioning

When the temperature rises during the summer, your air conditioning ends up working overtime. It is extremely important that your fluids are sufficient and that your battery as well as your electrical system are working properly. In the event you are having trouble with your air conditioning, have a professional check your refrigeration fluid and/or the condenser. It is important to know that a professional is required to the risks the chemicals present if the issue concerns refrigerant levels.

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