What Color Smoke from the Exhaust Would Indicate an Internal Mechanical Problem in Shoshone, ID?

Though usually, the exhaust coming from the vehicle is invisible, there are times when the exhaust expelling out of your tailpipe are different colors, unfortunately. It can give anyone anxiety as it indicates a problem when the colors become more and more excessive where some problems are far worse than others. To help you better know how to handle these circumstances, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to discuss the colors of the exhaust smoke.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Surprisingly, black exhaust smoke still needs to be remedied sooner rather than later, though it is not as dangerous as persistent grey exhaust smoke. The fuel injection system is not working efficiently, or a clogged air filter and all other potential sources of the black exhaust smoke can stem from a blocked manifold. As a result of your vehicle burning more fuel than is normally required, the reduced fuel economy is usually associated with black exhaust smoke.

White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke doesn’t necessarily suggest there is something wrong with your vehicle when compared to blue, grey, and black exhaust smoke. Due to the drastically different temperatures meet, on cold days, the combustion will create a vapor. Leaking coolant or a broken fuel pumping injection can produce the white smoke exhaust, among other issues. It is in your better interest to call for a tow truck in any case and have the vehicle taken to a mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

The bluish grey exhaust smoke can mean trouble, though it is not seen every day. It is likely that you have an oil leak problem, however, this color does not necessarily suggest impending hazards. When oil enters a vehicle’s combustion chamber and mixes with fuel, the produced blueish grey exhaust smoke happens. Along with some additional stress that can damage piston rings and cause an oil leak, the blue exhaust happening after modifying the power input of your engine. Also, the worn cylinder walls and valve seals be because of an oil leak. It is likely connected with the problem with the piston rings in the event your vehicle emits blue exhaust during acceleration. In order to prevent additional damage, you should consider having the vehicle towed to your mechanic.

Grey Exhaust Smoke

Grey exhaust is never a welcomed sights as it means you need to get to a mechanic as quickly as possible when you first notice it. Grey smoke is usually due to an internal leaking head gasket, a damaged engine block, or a cracked cylinder head. Your engine coolant can enter the combustion chamber where it burns and evaporates with a leaking gasket. Your engine can easily overheat sooner than later, once the coolant is depleted, especially so in warm weather. Damaged cylinder heads and engine are serious problems need to be addressed immediately.

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