Road Trip Safety Tips in Burley, ID; Pack Emergency Roadside Kit, Do Not Drive Tired, Check Car & More

Now that many Covid-related restrictions have been lifted, many people are spreading their wings and traveling the open roads to get away from the confines of their home. Before you hit the road, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to offer some important safety tips to help you get to your destination and back home safely.

How Do You Protect Yourself on a Road Trip?

Make sure the seat belts are used. To increase the comfort of being in a compacted vehicle, though this may simple and obvious, too many people have unbuckled. The number one cause of death is car accident from the ages 1 to 54 years of age. Just by wearing your seat belt, you can cut the risk of being injured or killed by 50%.
Conduct vehicle maintenance. The vehicle needs to be road worthy. Schedule an oil change, get the tires rotated, and other maintenance essential a week to a few days before the trip. Inspect your tread levels, tire pressure, wiper blades, oil levels, and fluid levels before you set out.
Ensure you are well-rested. Every year, drowsy drivers cause over 1,500 fatal car accidents. The ability to make optimal decisions decreases, as eyelids droop, reaction time reduces, and staying in your lane becomes difficult when people drive fatigued. Driving after being awake for 18 hours causes your brain to function similar to an individual with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 according to studies. This is equivalent of a 160-pound man driving after drinking five beers in an hour.
Update the GPS and have back-up directions and maps. There can be detours from construction or extreme weather and other circumstances, even if you know the way. To find your way, having a guide for an alternative route can be more than helpful.
Be aware of drunk drivers. In order to keep more people alive, staying alert and reporting potential drunk drivers is essential. Should someone drifts from the other side of the road, you will be the first in line for a collision. Staying on the right side of the road gives you more time to react to a drunk driver, if need be.
Pack emergency roadside kit supplies. You and your car need to have fuel. Have an extra gas can and the essential fluids for your trip. Keep balanced snacks and drinks for you and your passengers as well. Consider a nice mix of junk food and health foods as well as salty and sugary treats to keep a balanced diet. Also, be certain you know how to change a tire and have spare tire with you and the necessary tools. In order to improve your visibility, have road flares or reflector triangles. Including jumper cables, flashlight, poncho, a basic first aid kit, and other needs have an emergency kit on hand. You can get kits already put together or custom build your own.
Road trip entertainment. It is best to have distractions for the younger crowd. To help you maintain focus on the road and help the little ones pass the time bring along travel games, portable games systems, books, portable DVD players, and music.

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Finally, make sure to have the information of a reliable towing company in the areas of where you may need a tow. For your quality towing and roadside assistance services in Twin Falls, ID, call Highway 30 Garage.

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