Is it Worth Buying a Remanufactured Engine in Twin Falls, ID? How Long Do Engines Last?

It doesn’t always have to go to the junkyard when the engine on a car has served its purpose and is done. Fortunately, reputable mechanic shops take those worn-out engines and remanufacture them. Remanufactured engines are basically recycled engines. Being as close to the original as possible, a remanufactured engine is when the original engine or one similar has been restored to ‘like-new’ condition. Typically, with parts that have been re-machined to the original specs, or new ones that are as close to the original specs, any parts that are damaged or worn out are replaced. With this in mind, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to discuss choosing remanufactured engines.

How an Engine is Remanufactured

A remanufactured engine is like having a new engine built. Before the remanufactured engine is released, there are standard procedures with quality control and factory testing performed. With an engine core that is undamaged, the mechanic team will start and proceed with the following steps:
– The engine is thoroughly and carefully cleaned.
– To assure it is at OEM specifications, the engine is measured.
– All damaged or worn components are replaced with new parts, including:
o Pistons
o Rings
o Valves
o Lifters

How Many Miles are on a Remanufactured Engine?

The mileage on your vehicle cannot be reset with an engine swap, engine replacement, or remanufactured engine. The mileage calculates all the components of a car. Because it should always reflect the age of the entire car accurately, it is illegal to reset the mileage on an odometer.

Is Remanufactured Better than New?

In some cases, it is better than a new engine with a properly remanufactured engine by a reputable mechanic or garage should be as good. When driven properly, a reputable mechanic or garage will typically offer a 1-year warranty on the work done. The warranty is null and void if you decide to take the car down a quarter-mile track to race and blow the engine. A remanufactured engine is less expensive than a rebuilt engine for the cost factor. From parts that are sourced from other engines that have broken down and have been “reworked” is often a remanufactured engine is built. Before being installed on an engine that is being remanufactured, they are then thoroughly inspected before.

How Long Does a Remanufactured Engine Last?

Whichever comes first, the typical warranty on a remanufactured engine is 1-year or 12,000 miles. Generally, specialty remanufactured engines will come with a 36-month warranty and unlimited miles.

Remanufactured VS Refurbished Engine

These words are not used interchangeably, and it is important you know the difference. The general description of a remanufactured engine is: To restore the engine to the original manufacturer’s mechanical tolerances so that the engine meets the standard OEM durability, quality, and tolerances, the mechanic or technician working on the remanufacturing will check the mechanical tolerances and restore them with either re-machined components or installing the needed inserts. Those parts include:
– Rings
– Oil pump
– New pistons
– Lifters
– Connecting rods
– Camshafts
– Bearings
Including the cylinder heads, are rebuilt, all bearing surfaces are restored and the engine’s upper half. If it is in a rebuildable condition, the only part that remains the same with a remanufactured engine is the block. If they are within the manufacturer’s suggested acceptable wear limits, any parts that are still serviceable are reused. Between engine and engine parts rebuilders, the rebuilt components’ quality can vary and will typically have a limited warranty.

Remanufactured Engines, Towing, Roadside Assistance & More in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

The components are typically equally worn condition before an engine rebuild begins. Some of the components will be new and others will be the used ones that were on the engine after an engine rebuild. It is important to understand that the used components, should function properly even if they are somewhat worn. Call Highway 30 Garage to learn more today.

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