How to Avoid Towing Scams in Jerome, ID; Find a Reputable Tow Company & More

After getting into a car accident, a tow truck appears at the scene almost the same time as the police once 911 is called. The tow truck operator might take advantage of the confusion and talk you into taking your car to their shop, while you are talking to the driver or authorities about the multiple or single-car accident. After giving you their card, the tow truck operator drives away. They will direct you to where their shop is, and you’ll be handed a bill for an exorbitant amount once you give them a call to pick up your vehicle. Unfortunately, predatory towing scams have become a major problem across the United States. You want to know what to expect when you hire a towing service. Today, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to discuss common towing scams to help you avoid them.

How to Avoid a Towing Company Ripping You Off

The right towing company is who to Deal with. Where accidents and requests for assistance reports are made, drivers of towing companies monitor police scanners. They are more likened to villains, though they show up like knights in shining armor. They will prey on your vulnerability as you are in the midst of the confusion you are trapped in the surrounding chaos. Below is a quick guide to better protect yourself.
Look for a Reputable Towing Company Beforehand – Doing some homework before you need a tow is better than scrambling at the last hour. Take the time to review reputable towing professionals in the area and read through reviews. Also take the time to explore the websites and check out services, availability, and so forth. Call them and ask about prices and payment methods. Once you have selected the right company, put their contact information in your cellphone so you can contact them when you need them.
For a Recommendation, Ask the Authorities – The authorities can be of help on the matter if you are unable to reach your insurance company. For the towing and body repair of your vehicle, the authorities may have suggestions, or at the very least, point you to someone who can.
Tips Prior to a Tow – Drive it home and get the help of a body repair shop you know if on the event your car doesn’t need to be towed. Call the company that has been endorsed by your insurer or the police if you do need towing. Be mindful of the following steps to keep yourself protected from being victimized once you’re already dealing with the tow truck driver.
1) The name of the driver, the name of the company, and the truck’s license plate is something you should get. Ask about the possible cost for the tow and repair services as well.
2) Make sure to confirm prices and if possible, get the bill in writing before they drive. Typically, unless you’re informed beforehand, the price list cannot change. Make sure that’s agreed upon in writing as well.
3) All you can be charged is a storage fee per day, beyond that. Get that amount included in the list. It will require your approval in case of added work.

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You’re in a good place once that’s squared away. This that will save you from the gut-wrenching experience of being scammed though it might require having to be firm. When you are looking for a reputable towing expert in Twin Falls, ID, call in the experts of Highway 30 Garage and let us assist you!

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