How Does a Flatbed Tow Truck Work in Rupert, ID for Auto Accidents, Classic Car Towing & More

A flatbed tow truck is a vehicle with a uniform flatbed area without any door, roof or side, as it is not similar to the standard tow truck you may be accustomed to seeing. Due to its design, this truck has a massive area where your vehicle can sit completely. To pull vehicles, boats, bikes or any machinery that can fit into the truck area, it employs a hydraulics power system that drops the back end. It slides off the car by tilting it towards the ground to park it. Its ramp returns to the normal position and can be fastened with a winch for safe and damage-free transport once the vehicle is entirely on a flatbed. Slide or rollback trucks are additional names of the flatbed trucks. Today, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to discuss the basics of flatbed towing.

Why Do You Use a Flat Bed Tow Truck?

Below some of the primary reasons for using the flatbed or rollback towing services.
Maximizes the Safety of Your Vehicle During the Tow. It is best to use a flatbed tow truck if you are concerned about your vehicle’s safety. Protecting the vehicle’s frame, tires, and bumpers from any possible wear and tear and bumps and jolts that usually happen when using other tow trucks, this will keep your vehicle entirely off the ground throughout the transport. Without any potential damage, this method allows you to carry your vehicle.
More Efficient and Compatible Towing. Being more straightforward, this method of towing is fast and easy. You can take it without any hassle or damage, whether you want to transport your motor, truck or any expensive vehicle. You don’t need to worry about it with a flatbed, though the driver must remove its driveshaft in the two-wheel job to keep the engine safe from any possible harm in comparison.
Heavy Vehicle Transport. Although they are suitable for lighter vehicles, not for heavy ones, towing dollies are there. While protecting them from possible wear and tear, flatbed tow trucks are ideal for transporting heavy vehicles. Along with the client’s car, it will harm the dolly if an unprofessional dolly driver tows a heavy truck or vehicle.
Instances When Flatbed Towing is the Only Option. Flatbed towing is the last option to take your vehicle to the junkyard or an auto shop in case of any unfortunate accident where your vehicle has broken its axle, is a malformed vehicle or a vehicle without tires. No matter how misshaped a vehicle is, it can easily be kept right above the flatbed.
Vintage and Classic Cars Towing. For car collectors, vintage and classic cars are priceless masterpieces. While towing or hauling, the collectors of these cars are very concerned about their precious vehicles. These cars need to be transported with special care and diligence. To take care of their collections, the collectors of these cars must hire a professional towing company.
Long Distance Towing Needs. You need to rely on flatbed tow trucks if you want to get your vehicle towed for long distances, from one city to another or from one state to another. Your goal should be to protect your vehicle during the transport for a long-distance tow. To protect the car from wear and tear, flatbed towing service is the best and ultimate solution.

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