How Do You Know if Your Transmission is Going Out in Gooding, ID? Dashboard Light, Grinding Gears & More

Not only does it affect the transmission when the transmissions acts faulty, but it affects other systems of the vehicle. Recognizing the vehicle’s transmission complications is ideal as it can help you avoid breaking down on the roadside and prevent further damage. Potential issues can be spotted early with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Today, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to list a few of the common transmission red flags in order to help you identify transmission issues sooner.

Warning Light Activates on Dashboard

Many drivers start to get a little stressed when the dashboard brightens with the Service Engine Soon. There is a multitude of reasons as to what prompted the dashboard to light up since this should not be overlooked. There are sensors that is designed and strategically placed throughout your vehicle’s engine to identify potential problems early.

Car Hesitates to Change Gears

Due to the transmission gears design, the gears switch with an instantaneous reaction. It is a definite indication the transmission is compromised and requires an expert inspection and repair when the response is delayed as the gears shift.

How Bad is Grinding Gears?

Between automatic and manual transmission vehicles, transmission problems differ. Feeling like the vehicle is pulling along with the whining and grinding sounds in the gears often develop, reflect the RMP differences while changing gears, for example is the issue automatic transmissions. When the clutch is deteriorated and causes the transmission’s synchronizers break, grinding gear sounds are generally heard in manual transmissions. When the gears change, any odd clunking sounds is an indication the transmission is having troubles. Make certain to see a mechanic for assistance to ensure the problem is rectified.

Car Makes Noises in Neutral?

While the vehicle is in neutral, you may hear bumping sounds that can simply mean your vehicle has low transmission fluid. When you are in neutral, you may simply need the transmission fluid topped off, or there may be a more severe issue in the event that you hear abnormal sounds that manifest.

Transmission Fluid Leak

In the event you notice transmission fluid stains on the ground under your vehicle, you can expect your transmission system has a leak. In either red or green stains from the transmission fluid can results in problems with fluid lines, pan gasket, or torque converter seal.

Burning Transmission Smell

One of the reasons you detect the burning smells or pointing to other serious problems with your transmission when the transmission oil overheats inside the transmission box. If you notice any kind of burning smells and get the vehicle to a mechanic, avoid driving the vehicle until the problem is resolved.

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To help significantly reduce transmission problems from developing, have the experts of Highway 30 Garage perform an annual tune-up. If you suspect transmission issues, we are happy to make the repairs. Our mechanics have the experience and training to ensure your vehicle is repaired with long-term quality. Whether you need roadside assistance services, repairs, or need a tow for the repairs in the Greater Twin Falls, ID, call us to help you.

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