Can DIY Towing Damage a Car in Shoshone, ID? Why a Professional Flatbed or Wheel Lift Tow Truck is Best!

Quite a few drivers are frequently tempted to tow their own vehicle to a repair shop instead of calling professional towing services when the vehicle breakdown occurs. Self-towing is more likely to lead to further vehicle damage and even possible injury and unfortunately, drivers are not saving time and money they suppose they would. Today, we at Highway 30 Garage would like to top risks of DIY towing.

DIY Towing Can Damage Vehicle Exterior

Experts have the proper axles, frames, and tools to haul away vehicles safely is one of the most important reasons to call car towing professionals. The untrained often do so with a rope, chain, or other unsafe methods, which inevitably allows the car being towed to drift and jolt dangerously when drivers attempt DIY towing. From colliding into each other or from the improper DIY towing tools themselves, both vehicles can easily sustain severe exterior damage.

Interior Vehicle Damage from a DIY Tow

Because their trucks are outfitted with specially designed engines that allow them to carry significant weight during a tow, towing professionals are also better suited to hauling vehicles. To safely pull another vehicle’s weight, most typical consumer cars simply don’t have the engine power. If the vehicle that’s being pulled weighs more than the lead vehicle’s maximum load capacity, the lead vehicle’s engine, brakes, and transmission can all be severely damaged during a DIY tow.

Driving Unsafely with DIY Towing

The driver must know how to maneuver with all of the extra weight and length of the vehicle that’s being pulled to tow safely. When towing uphill or downhill, towing professionals are trained and experienced in special safe driving methods, including making extra wide turns and taking additional precautions. To use these methods and take such precautions, it is unlikely that an untrained driver attempting a DIY tow will know. The risk of accidents, vehicle damage, and even serious injury increases with the inexperience.

DIY VS Professional Towing

Ultimately, when you have your vehicle towed by someone who is not a pro that possess the right equipment, licensing, and other pertinent details, you run a significant risk in creating more damage and even negatively impacting the lives of others. When your vehicle becomes incapacitated, you need a professional who can ensure your vehicle is properly and safely towed. Experts can perform commo towing needs, and in the event, an unorthodox issue develops, they have the expertise to adjust their process for successful towing.

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